Bercy ledges

Paris France

These famous ledges in the heart of Paris has set the stage for one of the most legendary IMYTAs, and has since then stood out as one of the most legendary skate spots in the world.

The spot holds a variety of ledges - both a number of square low standard ledges, but also the rounded ledges that the spot is famous for. On the other side of the spot (the opposing side to where the metro station is located), there are more ledges and even some small rails.

Bercy itself is a theater / conference hall that give room to concerts and other exhibitions.


Take the metro to Bercy. Otherwise you can go to Gare de Lyon, and from there walk down Rue de Bercy towards… bercy!

Skate photos captured at Bercy ledges

Royale by Anders Toxboe
Bercy ledges, Paris