Department of Skatboarding

Portland, OR USA

Yeah I know, bad name for inline skaters. The people at the Dept. they let us in MOST of the time. It costs $10 bucks to get in for about a 3 hour session… more that enough time. The park it's self is great as long as you don;t mind being the only INLINE skater there. one small half pipe, one huge bowl, great wallride set-up on one big wall, quite a few other jumps and a nice 7 ~or~8 stair with grind rail. Nice park, rather spendy but despite all the people there being skatboarders there all friendly to us roller-bladers. Very good park


The park's address is 12 NE Hancock Street Portland OR 97212 call the info line for details (503) 493 4980 if you want directions go to

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Skatespots in Portland, OR