The 540 is a bit harder than the 360.

The 540 is a bit harder than the 360. Some skaters have troubles in the beginning doing this trick. It is not that they can't do it, but they will not let themselves. There isn't that much to it!

Like you would with any spin, you should also practise this trick on flat ground first. Think that you are going to spin like in a 360, but you are also going to land the opposite of what you were facing when you started to turn. For instance, if you are going forwards, think of spinning a lot, and landing backwards. So it is same thought like a 180 that should go through your head - but spin like you would with a 360! That's it!

When you have got the spin, and feel comfortable with your landing, you can add grabs too.

In any spin, it's important to begin the spin on the ground. Before you actually jump, twist your upper body the opposite direction of the desired spin direction. Right before you take off, start the rotation so that when you jump and take off you're already half way through the first rotation.

Always look the way you want to spin. The way the head points usually points the rotation direction.

Skate photos of 540

Big 540 by Dominik Wagner
Roskilde skatepark, Roskilde
540 Parallelgrab by Jonas Lynge
Fælledparken, Copenhagen

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