Bio 540

This trick is quite hard to learn if you can't do a normal 540.

This trick is quite hard to learn if you can't do a normal 540. If you can't do one, you really should learn to before you move on to the bio.

First, find a suitable bed at home and take the mattress off it. Put the mattress on the floor in front of your sofa or something of similar height. Second, lay out some cushions next to the mattress.

After you have done all this, stand on top of the sofa, and jump as if you were doing a 540. But this time, instead of keeping your shoulders flat as they spin, bring your right shoulder (if you spin anti-clockwise, and left shoulder for those who spin clockwise) down and round. So you bring your shoulder down for the 180 part, and to complete 360, bring it up. Most of you should get to that bit, but now comes the tricky part - landing it. Since you are spinning on your side, if you landed after 540 you would land on the sides of your skates, and spin round another 90 degrees into the ground. Instead of letting your legs spin around normally, you have to concentrate on bringing them over your shoulder (not quite over because that would be misty flipping). This will bring you back to the normal vertical state you were in when you started the trick. That is the key to this. If you can remember to get back vertical, you'll have it down.

Skate photos of Bio 540

Bio 540 by Luuk Eerens
Area51 Eindhoven, Eindhoven

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