Stair riding

There are many different techniques of riding stairs.

There are many different techniques of riding stairs. I don't know them all, but only the one that I feel most comfortable with:

When riding stairs, it is easiest going backwards or fakie - although it might look easier going forwards it is not…believe me! If you're beginner at riding stairs, it is a good idea to find a staircase with a handrail next to it, so that you can grab it if you loose your balance, or go too slow. Don't attempt one in the beginning longer than 10 steps or so - choose long and flat steps.

You can't ride stairs going slow, since it is your speed that makes the stairs seem like a 'flat' surface. You will stop and fall forwards or backwards, depending on which way you are going, if you are riding them with too slow speed. So just find a comfortable speed, not too slow, and not too fast - don't be afraid to speed up.

Your body should be just as it is when you skate normally, since you are going to ride them as if they were 'flat' ground going down.

Remember to spread your feet according to how big the steps are. No matter what stair you ride, you have to spread the legs. If it's a high staircase, spread your legs more than riding a flat. The longer the step the farther you have to spread your feet. You'll have to hit the stairs with both feet at the same time.

If you go forward, one way to do it is to lead with your front food, and have the back foot trailing. Keep your front foot lower than your trailing foot. You need to bend your knees and relax your stance as much as possible.

When you feel comfortable with this, you can add variations. For instance start going forwards and then make a 180 or 540 into the stairs. Or go backwards and make a 360 into the stairs. It also looks better, the more speed you have.

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