There are many names for this trick.


There are many names for this trick. We prefer calling it fahrvergnugen, but other sources call it alleyoop royale, full torque, reverse royale. In the beginning, it was only called fahrvergnugen, but I guess people couldn't figure out how to spell it. Just for you who doesn't know - 'fahrvergnugen' is German, and means 'driving pleasure' - and that is really what this grind is. It is one of the most stylish looking tricks you can do. In short terms it's also called a 'nugen'.

The fahrvergnugen is the opposite of a royale. Your front foot is grinding on the outside edge of your skate, and your back foot is like in a frontside.

When doing the fahrvergnugen, you have to keep all of your weight on your front foot, but keeping your body weight as backward as possible. If you don't lean backwards, your front skate will stick to the obstacle, and you'll stumble over your front foot. If you look straight down, your front foot should be a little ahead of the spot you're looking at.

It helps to keep your body pointing to the side instead of straight forward. If your body (chest) points straight forward, it'll twist your feet forward so they are not pependicular the the grindid object. So keep your upper body pointing the way that your feet points.

Getting the front skate low, so that it will ride on the outside frame and the outside boot as well, will result in more stability, since the skate will be locked to the obstacle. The trick is easier when you grind downhill; then it is easier to lock your skate like this. It is so much easier to maintain balance if you do the trick in lowrider style.

Many skaters prefer doing this trick backside. If you do so, you can get your knees in an angle of about 45 degrees, which will look better, and probably also easier for the majority. When you do it backside, remember to have your skates placed perpendicular on the obstacle, so that (especially your front skate) your feet won't slide into mizou position.

Skate photos of Fahrvergnugen