This is another basic trick, that is very easy to master!


This is another basic trick, that is very easy to master! Put your back foot in soul position - that is: put your back foot parallel to the obstacle you're grinding, so that the outside sole of your boot is on the obstacle. Instead of grinding with the rail/curb between your middle wheels, you turn the souling foot 90 degrees, and plant the outside soul on the obstacle. The foot you're resting on the outside sole is known as your soul foot. In the soul grind, your back foot is in soul position, while your front foot is like in a frontside.

When you skate to the object, you want to skate to it straight on, unless you're spinning to it. Jump a little above the obstacle, to see exactly where you're going to position your feet.

Lots of beginners step into the grind, by first putting the back foot onto the obstalce, and then the front foot. Forget it! It will not work when you're going to grind real things like rails or ledges - it also looks terrible.

If you're grinding round things like copings and rails, it will be easier to keep the balance by bending your souling foot over the rail, so that the knee of your souling foot is resting on the opposite side of the obstacle that you jumped to the obstacle from. You also need to bend your ancle.

If you're grinding ledges or curbs, you need to have your soul foot perpendicular on the obstacle or else your souling foot will slide out of the soul position.

Put the weight on the souling foot - your back foot in this case. This is the case for almost every grind with a souling foot in it. To add style, try to get as low as possible - this is called a 'lowrider soul'.

Torque soul:

A torque soul is a soul grind with the front foot in torque position instead of normal soul grind position. The front foot in the torque soul is put very close to the soul foot, so that it is possible to put the non-souling foot in torque position. There is not too much to the torque soul than putting it in that position - you do not need to be able to torque with the non-souling foot to do the torque soul.

Some skaters put their weight on the torque foot instead of the souling foot - but that is often to compensate for the grind being switch - for instance switch topside torque soul.

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