The torque is one of the harder tricks to master.


The torque is one of the harder tricks to master. It's like a frontside, but you lift and grab your back skate. Actually it is very similar to doing a fahrvergnugen.

The instructions for this trick is close to the instruction we gave for the backslide. If you can do fahrvergnugens well, then you're not far from doing this trick either. When doing fahrvergnugens, practise leaning all your weight on your front foot, and just let the other foot trail. It's easiest to do this if you get as low as possible…almost so low that your butt touches the obstacle you're grinding.

When you can do that, try jumping up on the obstacle, leaning on the front foot like you just did in your fahvergnugen, and grabbing your other skate at the same time. If you haven't got the trick by now, you probably haven't turned the 90 degrees around, so that you are in perfect frontside or backside position, depending on which you are doing.

When you are learning this trick, the difference from backside and frontside grinding shouldn't be big. When doing this trick, you will probably find that it is easier to do backside than frontside on ledges and rails. It isn't on halfpipes and quarter pipes, since you have to turn 180 degrees around.

When you're doing the torque on quarterpipes and halfpipes, the easiest way to get out of the trick is to go down fakie if you're doing the trick frontside.

Skate photos of Torque

Backside Torque by Matthias Ogger
Hellerup Tuborg havnevej curbs, Copenhagen
Backside Torque by Jacob Juul Petersen
Panum Instituttet, Copenhagen