Fastslides are somewhat hard.


Fastslides are somewhat hard. It's a grind with only the front foot. It shouldn't be in backslide position nor torque position - but straight on. Here are a few tips that will help you to nail them:

Speed! Speed makes all tricks easier - fastslides are no exception.

Balance: Where most people fail on the fastslide, is where to put their balance. Compared to almost all other tricks, you have to lean so much more forward. My way of finding the balance is having the grinding leg straight. My upper body leans even more forward than the straightened out leg and my back leg compensates for that. In other words: my upper body is on front of the grinding leg and the non-grinding leg is behind the grinding leg trying to get the balance. So I bow my upper body down in front to keep the balance in front so I won't fall back on my ass. So the key is to lean forwards - more than you think. Practice on small things where you walk up into the grind.

Skate photos of Fastslide

Fastslide by Michael Nissen
Nørrebroparken, Copenhagen
Fastslide by Alex Broskow
Arena Berlin, Berlin
Backside Fastslide by Jacob Juul Petersen
Kulturfabrikken, Nykøbing Falster