Bispebjerg rails

Bispeparken, Copenhagen Denmark

A bunch of low flat rails that you can ride in session. Also two big acid drop rails, but you need picnic table or something like that to get speed and jump since it's all grass at the takeoff.


Go out Tagensvej (From the fælledparken skatepark). Once you get to Tuborgvej / Tomgårdsvej (Tuborgvej on the right becomes Tomgårdsvej on the left at a specific crossing), then park your car. Go down the 'alley' where the owl statue is. There you'll find the big acid drop rails. If you follow the road around the building, you'll get to the low session rails.

Skate photos captured at Bispebjerg rails

Backside Unity by Christian Berg
Bispebjerg rails, Copenhagen