Islands Brygge

Copenhagen Denmark

An arcitecural skatepark…

Some little over knee-high curbs placed in a square. It also has a metal quarterpipe that you can't use since it's placed poorly.

This spot is good for night skating, since it is lighted in the winter until around 10:00 pm.


On Amager. Go over Langebro (continue straight ahead past the cityhall square on H.C. Andersens Boulevard.), and it'll be just by the water at the right side of the bridge right where the bridge ends.

Skate photos captured at Islands Brygge

Topside Acid by Julius Josefsen
Islands Brygge, Copenhagen
Truespin X grind by Jonas Lynge
Islands Brygge, Copenhagen
Fakie 720 by Terje Frederiksen
Islands Brygge, Copenhagen