Utterslev Skole

Skoleholdervej, Copenhagen Denmark

A square of ledges that surrounds an asfalt hockey field / basketball field. The sides with the hockey goals and basketball nets has aprox. 2 meter high curbs that are skateable going in to the square from the outside. The other two sides are a little under knee high ledges.


The Utterslev School is located on Skoleholdervej. In Utterslev / Brønshøj. Use a map to search for the school.

Skate photos captured at Utterslev Skole

Alleyoop Topside Soul by Christian Berg
Utterslev Skole, Copenhagen
Truespin Mistrial by Ralf Monnerup
Utterslev Skole, Copenhagen
Mistrial by Jonas Hansson
Utterslev Skole, Copenhagen
Alleyoop topside soul by Claus Berg
Utterslev Skole, Copenhagen