Berani flip

A Berani flip is a sort of an extension of a frontflip.

A Beraniflip is a sort of n extension of a frontflip. You can best describe this move a a frontflip 180.The tricky part in this flip is the 180 wich must be done IN the flip. You could easily practise thisflip on flat level without skates. Try this: Put you hands on the ground, little space between (shoulder space should be fine), then lift yourself upside down, as if you are about to do a handplant.Then, if you have reached your highest point (legs are almost or completly stretched) you'll have tolean a bit forward (as if you are gonna fall on your back) and before you flip completly over you shouldturn 180 degrees and land backwards on your feet. This is almost the same feeling you'll have ifyour are going to it in a ramp.

Most skaters who are able to pull this trick have learned it this way in the ramp (by using hands)This is a good way to learn it. You'll notice in time that you don't need your hands anymore(has also a lot to do with speed)

First off, you have to have a decent bit of height to land a flip. If you are sure you can,then do a frontside stall on the coping. Drop back in backwards, making sure to pump hard on the way down.

Now you are going up the ramp backwards, facing forwards. You might wanna check your speed,cuz if you dont have the proper speed, this would be a good time to call it of..

Now you are going fakie up the ramp, lean a bit forward as you would do in a normal frontflip,but DONT wrap yourself into a ball. As soon as your both feet have left the ramp (your body should be almost horizontal at this point) you should make the ("late") 180 move. Rememberyou can control a bit of your spinning speed so don't spin to hard, or you'll be ending upsideways, and you'll bail. As you have completed the 180 your body should be horizontal againwith you facing the ramp you've just launched off. If you've done the movement right, then thelanding should be easy (as in landing fakie)

NOTE: This is quite an easy trick to pull off in a vert, but on street it can be very gnarly !!

By Luuk Skymoron