A sideways-flip that looks really great when done well

A hotflip is a sideways-flip wich quite easy to learn and to do, and it looks really great when done good.I would suggest to do this trick forward instead of fakie (wich is however also possible). You could practise on a jump-ramp or in a foampit to get the hang of it. Make a lot of speed as approach. Prepare yourself as if you are going to jump a normal air. The side you are going to roll over is preferably the side you spin a (i.e) 360 the best. I spin best counter-clockwise so in my case it would be done like this: Drive up the ramp to the right, then tilt you body to the left. As soon as you tilt over, wrap yourself in kinda ball.

Pray that you've got enough speed and height and watch the world tilt over as if being in a laundrymachine. As soon as you've passed the upsidedown sequence you should quickly unwrap yourself and prepare for landing. It might take a few times to land right without falling, but after landing on your feet once, you'll get the feeling very fast and this will be your most good looking trick. Keep trying.

Skate photos of Hotflip

Hotflip by Luuk Eerens
The Promise, Heerlen