They are not that hard, but look really good.

They are not that hard, but look really good. Although they are not hard, it hurts really bad if you miss one - compared to standard rotations.

Do not try this trick if you can't get decent amount of air, and are not proficient on the vert, so that you can execute the trick

Pump hard up the ramp, and give your transition a slight curve, as if you were going for a grind (the way you want to spin). As you start to air, you will feel as if you are lying on your side. At this point, you want to bring your legs round hard, so that you start spinning. This will get you rotating around your belly button (if you do it right), and all you have to do is hold the position, until you have gone full circle, at which point, you will be facing away from the vert. Here, you want to give your torso a little twist, until you can see the transition. Just brace yourself for the landing, or the bail, depending on how you end up.

It is important that you do not try this trick, when you are not confident that you can get the recommended height above the coping!

Skate photos of Flatspin