Travel across the ramp and up the transition.

Travel across the ramp and up the transition. As you reach coping, start to tuck as if you are going to do a flip, but turn sideways at the same time. Make sure you look over your shoulder as you start to spin. (A lot of people think you look under your arm, but a true McTwist is done by looking over your shoulder.) Continue to rotate and keep looking over your shoulder until you can see the ramp again. Once you can see the ramp, spot your landing. In order to land, plant both feet and keep your weight slightly forward. Roll away.

Variations: Entrances: Alley-oop

Departures: Late 180 (turning it into a 720 McTwist)

Also: This trick can also be performed with a variety of grabs, judo being the most common.

Skate photos of McTwist

McTwist by Kasper Roldsgård
Kulturfabrikken, Nykøbing Falster
McTwist by Kasper Roldsgård
Fælledparken, Copenhagen