Inverts look great, if you can do them the right way.

Inverts look great, if you can do them the right way. Basicly, it's a handstand on the coping of the halfpipe. They can be done with one or two hands You need to be sure of what you are doing on the half-pipe, and you need to be able to get at least a foot of air. Approach the coping as you would doing an air, and when you reach the it - bend over and put both hands on it. If done right, your momentum will cary your feet over and above you, and you will be facing back into the half-pipe. Try to get your body as straight as possible to begin with, becaue this also helps with progression into more complicated inverts.

To get down from here, you have to bring your feet down onto the ramp, and push off with your hands. You must try and do these two things simultaneously, so you can get the move right.

If you are on a big ramp, it may be easier to do this on a vert part of the ramp below the coping. Get used to 'planting' your hands on the ramp, and letting your legs draw an arc to get directly above your head. Have your skating friends tell you if you are getting completely upside down - if you aren't it looks bad.

Once you have got this basic invert right, and you are confident you can pull it off without any problems, try using one hand to grab. This will make your invert look even better. you should start with a judo grab first or a liu kang, and then you can progress onto more complicated ones like rocket invert or a mute.

VARIATIONS HIP-HOP: This is where you follow the same line as you would for a grind. Instead of jumping up and grinding, go for an invert. Your momentum will carry you up and over, and you will get an upside down air after your initial hand plant. Instead of closing your eyes and wondering why you are doing this, concentrate on your landing. As you come down put your hand back on the coping, push off with your hands, and drop back in.

SPIN INVERT: This is where you spin before you invert. You can do 360 inverts and 540 inverts.

HAND-PLANT MCTWIST: A hand-plant is another name for an invert. This is where you go for your invert (180) and then as you go up, you keep spinning upside-down (mctwist) to complete the 540.

Skate photos of Invert

Inverted Stall by Jojo Jacobi
Kulturfabrikken, Nykøbing Falster